Jiashan Three Star Sliding Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacture and selo of oiless lubrication bearings.the conpany to rely on technological progress,the use of advanced process,introduced advanced equipment;committed to the purpose of lubrication bearings is oilless and the development of new materials developed different areas. According to the product requirement,different conditions conditions of lubrication bearings.at present there is no oil production and operation of thousands of different specifications of products.the products of esport,and the occident and southeast asia etc countries and regions

The oilless lubricated bearing series of wide application in:cars,motorcycles;the textile, print,tobacco,pharmaceutical,mechanical,instruments,food and fuel or oil tank,hydraulic,valves,and pneumatic components;engine,the spindle of the engine and rod bearing:electric tool;lifts the crane,architecture,metallurgy,mine and construction machinery;lifting equipment,forging press machine tools,ocesans,lil and industial machinery;the bridge project;Water conservancy projects and hydroelectic power,the steel industry,etc.

Company to pursye high technology and buid a good brand is the main business,to the best quality products and reasonable price conbined business gogls,we warmly welcone the domestic and international merchants came to hold business talks.

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