Common test method of outside diameter(ISO3547-2:PIN 1444-2 检验方法B)
Press  the  bushes  into  the  GO  ring  gauge  and  then  push  them  through  with  hand pressure(maximum force 250N)On  the  other  hand  with  the  same  force,  It  shall  not  be  possible  for  them  to  go  into  the NOGO ring gauge
Common test method of inner diameter test(ISO3547-2:PIN 1444-2 )
To check the  inner diameter, the bush  is to be press  into a ring gauge. The GO plug gauge shall be inserted by a minimum effort, The NOGO Plug gauge shall not be insert by mutual pressure (maximum force 250N)
(Note: When  the  bush  is  pressed  into  the  ring  gague,  It  is  possible  that  There will  be  a permanent reduction in the outside diameter)
Common methed of wall thickness measurement:
Check  the wall  thickness of  the bush with a wall  thickness micrometer and  then calculate out  the  inside  diameter.  According  to  ISO3547-2  make  sure  not  to  both  mark  the  wall thickness and inside diameter on the drawing.

Fixing methods for straight bearingsDiameter of the pressing-in arbor  is 0.1~0.3mm smaller than the after-fixing diameter of the bearing.
It's better to have the core axis heat-treated. For easier fixing, we can add a  light coating of oil on the bush backing. Make sure not to fix the bearing into the housing by hammering its end surface. When the diameter of the bearing  is more than 55mm, necessary measures must be taken to calibrate the seam position of bearing.
Fixing methods for flanged bearings
For  flanged bearings,  the  radius at  the  transition  from  the  radial  to  the axial component must  the  flanged folds must be taken into account. A sufficiently large chamfer must be provided on the housing to prevent flanged bush fouling in the area of the radius. Fixing methods for the flanged bearings are similar to that of straight bearings. However, the diameter of the convex part on the pressing-in arbor for flanged bearings needs to be a little bigger.
3)Fixing methods for thrust washers and gliding plate.
We recommend using a single dowel or countersunk head screw to fix the thrust washer. For the gliding plate we  recommend  adopting  the methods  of  enchasing. When  fix  the  thrust washer  or  the  gliding  plate,  the sliding layer shall be 0.3~0.5mm thick.
轴的表面硬度不低于220HB。在高负荷、摇摆运动条件下,必须将轴进行热处理硬度HRC50 以上或镀硬铬,再进行磨加工,经过表面处理后,能提高耐腐蚀性,提高表面硬度,提高润滑性。若在海水中等类似的腐蚀条件下,相配轴必须电镀二至三层硬铬。轴的表面粗糙、尖角毛刺、沟槽都会损坏轴承的滑动层。
座孔直径          对应倒角
<30              0.8±0.3×20°±5°
80~80          1.2±0.4×20°±5°
80~180        1.8±0.8×20°±5°
>180           2.5±1.0×20°±5°
座孔直径       对应倒角
<10             1.2±0.2×45°±5°
>10            1.7±0.2×45°±5°
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